Registration for courses with non-continues assessment (npi)

Registration for npi lectures from SS 2024 is possible from 01.02.2024 until 28.02.2025.

Registration for npi lectures from WS 2023 is possible from 01.09.2023 until 30.09.2024.



Registration deadlines for courses with continuous assessment

in SS 2024

Thu, 01.02.2024, 06:30 h until Thu, 20.02.2024, 09:00 h

Registration for remaining spots: from Fri, 23.02.2024, 9:00 to Wed, 28.02.2024, 09:00.

(List of courses with remaining places: BA-BIWI, MA-BIWI)

Unregister until: Mon, 18.03.2024, 09:00 hrs

from SS 2023 - BA-BIWI - Registration in the structured study pathway

From now on you will see a display of the recommended study path in the exam pass in u:space. The study path is part of your curriculum and divides it into semesters. It shows you in which semester and in which order you should ideally complete the individual modules of the curriculum.

With summer semester 2023, the registration system will assign students on the basis of the recommended study path.

As a result, places in courses that are subject to examinations are no longer allocated on the basis of the points or preference system, but along the recommended study path. If you complete your courses along the recommended study path, this will increase your chances of getting spots in the next courses that are immanent to the study path.

You can see the extent to which you fulfill the recommended study path by looking at the percentage values given directly in u:space under Studies - Exam Pass. The higher your % number, the better your chances of getting a place in your desired courses.

Detailed information and examples of this new way of allocating space can be found at:

Punktesystem LV im Masterstudium BIWI

Admission: points system (1,000 basic points)

Bonus points: none

Transfer of points from the previous semester: yes

Max.  number of points / course: 600