Accreditation in general

Please refer to the overview of the Studienpräses for notes and information on the criteria for the recognition of examination credits.

In general, BA and MA programs aim to increase student mobility. The "European Credit Transfer System" (ECTS) was therefore introduced to facilitate the comparability of the workload that students have to master in order to complete a certain course, making it easier to transfer credits from one university to another. This defines the extent of study achievements throughout Europe.

In the case of recognition, in addition to the ECTS credits, the equivalence of the content of academic achievements to the curricular credits from the curricula of educational science must be examined.

Legal framework for Accreditation

Accreditation of exams § 78

New regulations for the accreditation of examinations, other academic achievements, activities and qualifications: Information of the Studienpräses Office

Accreditation Regulation - Bachelor's Degree Program in Education Science (Version 2018)

Regulation on the Recognition of Achievements in the Bachelor's Program in Educational Science (2011 Version) (A 033 645) for the Bachelor's Program in Educational Science (2018 Version) (A 033 645) - Reissued - No. 225 on 07/27/2018.

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