Course planning BA Educational Science

In the list available below, students will find the course schedule for the upcoming semesters. This indicates which focus areas are expected to take the main responsibility in which modules. There is no guarantee of this.

All courses will continue to be listed with two to three focal points. For technical reasons, the listing of the focal points in the course catalog runs alphabetically.

Focus areas with abbreviations in alphabetical order:

  • General and historical pedagogy - AHP
  • Diversity and Social Inequality - DU
  • Adult and continuing education - EW
  • Inclusive Pedagogy - IP
  • Media pedagogy - MP
  • Psychoanalytic Pedagogy - PP
  • School and Educational Research - SB
  • Social Pedagogy and Counseling - SP


For more information on emphases and how to apply for designation on your transcript, click here.


This is information provided by the program director to help students plan the courses they wish to take on specific focus areas. There is no commitment on the part of the SPL and the planning may change at any time. The planning will then be updated and published here (students will not be notified of any changes).