Extension Curricula

For the bachelor's program in educational science, extension curricula in the amount of 30 ECTS must be completed

EC are predefined course combinations in the amount of 15 or 30 ECTS. This gives you the opportunity to acquire additional competencies that are not offered as part of your own degree program. The curriculum contains the study objectives, modules, module descriptions and examination regulations.

Information about the extension curricula at UNI Vienna

Alternative extensions

Alternative extensions (AE) are a combination of courses that you put together yourself and that do not have to be approved by the study program management (SPL) of your program. If extension curricula are planned for your Bachelor's program, you have the possibility to complete Alternative Extensions to the extent of 15 ECTS instead of extension curricula. Attention: Supplementary examinations in Latin, Biology and Greek cannot be recognized within the framework of the AE!

General information about the alternative extensions